Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Night.

This is my first attempt ever at a webcam. Thought my followers would enjoy this. I do not have much to say tonight but now that good posts will be coming. The Lord is so good and He is a just a God who answers prayers! I am also using Windows Live Writer to do this post, this too is new to me. I see why other people’s blogs look so much cooler than mine now. But alas, I have a brand new Dell Studio that rockssss so maybe I will become a little better at all this techy stuff. Be blessed ‘Y’all’ haha.

Ps the scan I do of the room is no justice- it is the loft part of my room where I have laid out everything needing to be unpacked. I hope to share pictures of this beautiful place asap.


Heather said...

you are PRECIOUS! and please do this more often so that i won't miss your face/the sound of your voice as much!
<33333 can't wait to hear more! and you should get on skype so we can skype! <33

Emily Elizabeth said...

loooooove it...and you! you're gonna come back and all you'll say is y'all. lol! you gotta give out your skype name too =D

Kate said...

You. Are. Adorable. I miss you quite a bit and hope your time in Nashville far surpasses your expectations :)