Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dead of Winter

so many tears are shed tonight.
this place is so cold.
and you're not here.

one went off to the chase the sun.
another to conquer lands.
and i am here wondering... where did the time go?

id walk around if i thought it would help.
but there are so many tears.
and its so cold
and you're not here... no,
you're not here.

i try to relive the days where routine seemed so lively.
where full days filled my life
and you were here... to share it all with me.

i would try to find you if it wasn't so cold.
if only it wasn't so cold...

my calls echo in this dim room
and there is no one to hear me sob.
i stop again and think where does the time go?

oh man, where does the time go?

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