Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frozen Beauty

Today I had a first.
I saw a snowflake...well more so I noticed a snowflake.
I see snow all the time. Like all the time... and it annoys me. 

But this morning Ryan & I were outside and it was super cold, I had a blue sweater on and the white snowflakes were starting to take it over. Ryan pointed to a flake and told me to check it out.

::I was stunned::

The real snowflakes look just like the ones people cut out!! I realize everyone else in the world might already know this but let's just say I am not the kind of person who "stops and smells the roses". I wanted to post a picture with the post and show you how beautiful they really are... but just like most things in life a picture can't do it justice. Seriously, so beautiful.

I realize this post was not so in depth and it really might not mean anything to my readers but sharing such a beautiful first with Ryan meant more to me than anyone will be able to see. Also seeing that God is a detailed, so beautiful, so thoughtful and intricate. Just wow. Thank you Father, thank you.

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Heather said...

i just realized this on finals week! usually i thought the details were too tiny to see, and just looked like blobs to the human eye, but one landed on corina or corinne while i was walking with them and i was stunned! it was perfectly beautiful and looked just like a perfect paper cut out! Our God is so detailed!! =]