Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's for her

Challenges. Struggles. Parties. Gossip. Love.
Mistakes. Regrets. Abuse. Damage. Harm. Lust.
Greed. Envy. Running Away. Giving Up. Holding Back. Doubt.
Decisions. Life Changes. Stepping Stones. Losing Faith.
Completely Reliant On Him.
I Don't make the decisions I make for me.
I am not choosing the path of life I am for my own glory.
I am not sacrificing the everyday pleasures for a spotlight.
I am not letting loose words guide me.
I am not letting this chance at love keep me from her.
I wish I could lie and tell you I do all that I do for God
and his Kingdom and purposes- but truth be told I don't.
I do it for her.
Although I have not met her yet, I can see her perfectly.
She has Brown eyes that for years have hidden
her scars to the point that no one, a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y no one
thought she would attempt.
I see the scars on her wrist, I see the scars on her heart and I hold her.
I hold her the way she always wanted her mother to,
but was never given the chance.
I hear her voice.
It's shaky because she has never opened up
and felt so raw and vulnerable before, but it is not faint.
It is strong, persistent, and starting to heal.
She asks me what it was like when I gave up everything.
She wanted to know how I felt when I completely put my trust in God.
And I looked into those brown eyes,
those deeply wounded but so presious Brown eyes,
smiled to myself and said to her yeah, it was tough...
but not as tough as you are.


Kendralee* said...

wow. promise me we will never lose touch. you're going to change the world.

Heather said...