Saturday, December 27, 2008

They gave me a future.

There was not one single Christmas tradition carried out this year.
There was no caroling, there was no Arctic league,
there was no shrimp, there was no sparkling grape juice,
and there was no early morning presents.
However, there was also no fighting, there was no overspending,
there was no disappointments and there was no regrets.

I can honestly say I got everything I wanted this year, including peace.
It is hard sometimes to stop and thank God for answering prayers.
I mean if it is a obvious physical change we give thanks,
but what about those supernatural moments that change our lives?
What about those year long grudges that just disappear?
What about the hurt he takes away before it even happens?
Well, this is my public thank you for some answered prayers.
Because during this winter break,
my home life has never been so peaceful.
I have never felt so directed and believed in.

This year my father and step-mother got my a GPS.
I was not expecting it at all-
That seriously was no where on my list,
however that isn't to say it wasn't my favorite gift.
But it wasn't because they spent a lot of money on new technology,
it wasn't because they surprised me,
or because they spoiled me again.
But when I opened the box my Dad looked at me and said,
"Now you will be able to get to Nashville without getting lost"
My father did not just buy me a navigation tool,
he gave direction to my life.
My father did not just keep up with technology,
he told me he believed in me.
My father did not just spend money on me,
he invested in my dreams.

This year my mother got me an ipod and a digital camera.
Again, typical gifts for a gal my age.
However my mother didn't just give me a Kodak,
she gave me a viewfinder into my life.
She didn't just give me a way to keep memories,
she gave me a promise of pursuing dreams,
and random road trips for simply no reason.
And the ipod wasn't just to fill with Taylor Swift,
but it was music to awaken my soul.
It was music to remind me where I came from-
but also to never quit and go back.
Most importantly, the music was to dance.
And not a day goes by she doesn't remind me;
"If you get the chance to sit or dance, I hope you dance"
For the first time this Christmas my mother
didn't argue with me, she didn't try to bring me down to her level,
and she most certainly did not allow me to dream.
She knew that I was going to be hitting the road
and leaving this town in my rear view mirror
and these gifts were her way of saying,
"Go be free- I know you'll make me proud"

And that is the kind of Christmas that was answered by prayers.

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