Monday, December 22, 2008

...You Do?

I was never a deep person.
I never just sat and thought about the world.
I always cared for people but, I would never think
to look farther into their lives to see what the roots were.
I didn't concern myself with politics.
I didn't rather care for religion and rules.
I most certainly did not pay attention to the stock market.
(((But then I met Jesus)))
And since then my mind, body and soul have bottomless.
I have wanted to go so deep-in so many things.
I want to know, I want to learn, I want to teach.

Before I began my relationship with Jesus I never ran out of words.
And when I try to explain myself now somehow, I always fall short.
It's like you get these crazy thoughts, beautiful visions,
world-flipping revelations or larger than life aspirations
and although you know God understands...
(((you crave worldly affirmation)))

I find myself repeating "Ya know what I mean?" constantly,
just in hopes the person will respond "Yeah, I do."
(((And that doesn't always happen)))
And since it is so rare when it does happen,
I am so thankful, so relived yet-
it always leaves me craving for more.

--- I recently realized how deep that desire was to me.
I want someone who understands me.
Sure, I have my girls, I have My father in Heaven-
But if I am granted the blessing of marriage,
I want someone who :::r.e.a.l.l.y::: gets me.
I know that seems vague, normal and obvious but,
(((I haven't felt that completely yet)))
and I do not know too many people who have.
I have seen happy people, fun people,
people who work well together, but it's those
couples who k.n.o.w each other I envy.

Starting at exactly how much ketchup
that boy is gonna put on his eggs,
over to "no he wouldn't like that sweater the cuffs are all wrong",
ending with after he pours out his heart,
he turns to me, looks up,
cocks his head to the side, squints his eyes and asks,
"Ya know what I mean?", I want to say-
**Of course I do babe- I know exactly what you mean**


Heather said...

Ker-I agree. totally. I know what you mean ;]....<3

Elizabeth said...

dido X-D