Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whats in your Easter Basket?

I had the privileged of putting together and hiding 33 Easter baskets this past weekend.
At least 8 of those baskets went to first time receivers.
The first time receivers were girls ages 18-25.
I won't go into details why... but the point is God is about redemption.
Although they received these baskets 15 years after most children do-
He gave them much more than most children receive.

What is this more you ask?
Well inside their plastic egg read:
"God thinks you're a good egg. Good enough to share His inheritance with. Be blessed this Easter. 
Romans 8:17 'Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.' " I won't go into what I feel a life full of Christ's sufferings & blessing entails... rather I want to talk about your Easter Baskets. 
What was delivered to your heart when Jesus said "It is Finished"

Did you know that when you woke up Sunday morning you had a chance to find your hidden treasures? Did you know there was a gift of eternity anticipating your arrival? Did you know there was a Father waiting to ravish you with gifts? Well, if no then let me touch upon just some of those things you had in that basket... and no worries- God really isn't really a holiday kind of guy so this treat is available to you anytime, anywhere & it's all you can eat, so grab a hand full each time before you head out the door- that way you can share with others also.

In your basket there was and is today a chance at complete healing and absolute freedom. There is a PEZ dispenser loaded with scriptures that can put a little hop in your step. There is a packet of stress-free peace waiting to be opened. There is a golden ticket hidden in a dark chocolate bar nicknamed "Wonka's defeat of satan" that is available for a get-away escape from headaches, abuse, disease, negative thoughts, addictions, self-harm, self-hatred, and the wrath of God.

There are several mini nuggets of joy and some clusters of faithfulness. There are long-lasting flavor strips of love and droplets of praise. Underneath the fake grass is some caramelized hope, a guaranteed energy bar and a foiled wrapped permanent promotion. 

Sounds like a great basket huh? The best part is the moment you start believing that you can have the basket, that you deserve that basket, and that that basket was made for you... you can have it. You can have all of it. God loves you, for you. Not because of your performance, not because of your perfection or imperfection. Not because someday you'll be great or you are already great. Not because your grandma feared the Lord or because your the good kid in the family. God loves you because there is no one else like you, because you are His work of art. Take the basket for goodness sakes; if it real was candy there would be no hesitation... why then miss out on life's true purpose and sweetness. Y'all I love me some Reese cups but there ain't nothing like the Lord's words upon my lips... sweet as honey. Proverbs 24:13-14

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[Dana] said...

LOVE the style of this post. Also love what you're helping those girls feel/see/accomplish with their lives.