Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do & Receive- Psalm 37

Last post I wrote "If you don't know where to start, start in psalm 37"
Here are my thoughts. Two things happen in Psalm 37. 
God asks and we receive/He tells us do something and He gives us even better things.
Here is an outline:

1.  God asks/He tells us do something: 

Do not fret over evil ways
or the success of evil men.
Do not be envious.
Trust in the Lord.
Do good.
Dwell in the land.
Enjoy safe pasture.
Delight in Him.
Commit your ways to Him.
Be still before Him.
Wait patiently.
Be content with the little you have. 
Give generously.
Turn from Evil.
Refrain from anger.
Take refuge in Him. 

2. We receive/He gives us even better things:

Evil men and their treasures will wither away.
You will prosper.
He will give you the desires of your heart.
Your righteousness will shine.
Your passion will bloom.
You will inherit the land.
You will enjoy great peace.
The Lord will always uphold you.
In days of famine you will enjoy plenty.
He will make your steps firm.
You will not fall.
Your children will be blessed. 
God will not forsake you.
He will protect you. 
He will give you perfect words.
The Lord will give you wisdom.
He will not let you be accused.
He will not leave you to your own strength.
He will give you a future.
He will break your strongholds.
The Lord will deliver you.


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