Sunday, October 19, 2008


Have you ever sat back and wondered why you are the way you are...

What really formed you into you? Could Freud be right?
Could the method of potty training really affect your organizational skills?
Did your parent's choice of discipline affect you psychologically?
Was your fourth grade crush the reason you fear commitment now?
Did your parents divorce ruin your views on love?
Was there someone praying for you before you were even born?
Are you on someone's prayer list even though you have never met?

**I believe that there are people who have planted seeds in my life,
in which I have never and will never meet.
**I believe that when my Pre-K teacher wrote "ill be praying for you"
in my yearbook, that she really did.
**I believe that when the christian girl in my school fasted her lunches
that she prayed for me.
**I believe that it is unfortunate that I'll never be able to know who
has put such dedication in my life to make me who I am today.
**I believe that although all seeds do not sprout before your eyes,
each one is placed there for a reason and over time they will always grow.

I'm ready to reap a harvest. But first, I must plant some seeds-
whether they know it or not.

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