Wednesday, February 22, 2012

21 facts you'll -NevEr- need to know.

I am copying this idea from a fellow blogger. I remember doing it back in my RA days on 3am desk nights but here is another one: 

21 facts you’ll -NevEr- need to know about me

1.      I spelled the word ‘said’ like this ‘siad’ until my sophomore year of high-school.
2.      I love anything wicker. Baskets, chairs, dressers. Yet in houses they never seem to match
3.      I have rebought the same pair of shoes since freshman year of high-school. Each two years I get a new pair of same ol 'kicks'.
4.      I can never find red velvet cake like my great grandma’s anymore. It tasted so rich yet so fake so I actually hate all red velvet now
5.      Every couple of months I will go through all my facebook pictures just to remember how much fun I have had over the years
6.      The fourth grade was the first time feeling embarrassed
7.      I want a really small house so love fills it instead of stuff
8.      Hosting parties is always more exciting than going to parties. Always.
9.      I still dream about living in Nashville, basically living at a coffeeshop burying myself in books about God’s grace and having a matching scarf for every outfit
10.  I have never once remembered a relatives birthday outside of my immediate family
11.  I don’t find butterflies pretty
12.  I own six boxes of greeting cards and send maybe one card a month
13.  I actually got three anonymous shout outs in my college newspaper for doing random acts of kindness
14.  The only place in the house I ever notice is dirty and clean about every other day is the bathroom sink
15. I make 8 swipes on each eye, for mascara every morning.
16.  Techno makes me work efficiently.
17.  I have never broken, sprained or stitched anything
18.  I can’t give blood because I had Mono when I was 16
19.  I lost a friendship bracelet in a hotel swimming pool and actual found it the next day
20.  I wish I could go hiking for a weekend trip, but I am too scared to show that I am actually out of shape
21.  Good morning texts mean more to me than birthday presents

Much Love. 
Above all else: Love

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