Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Happens?

What happens when the dreamer stops dreaming?
When the motivational speaker loses motivation?
When the prayer warrior stops believing in prayer?
What happens when we become so dull to life that we forget to live?
 What happens when we're so busy living, that we forget to love?
What happens when we are so content in the way things are we choose not to fight for how they could be? Can you imagine if someone like Martin Luther King Jr. just stopped dreaming, speaking, and praying. I mean honestly... what would have happened?

I never once imagined what my life after college would be like. I feel like I just stumbled upon what is now and have become complacent on what could be. Knowing that without some form of a 'wish' I risk the chance of --compromise && settling --The last time I had a big dream I was working towards was my unquenchable need to get to Nashville and serve at Mercy Ministries back in 2009. As odd as it sounds, I have never once considered the idea of dreaming big for Rochester, actually making a difference with my skillset and especially my job.

Life nowadays is so good. So safe and yet dangerous. So busy yet relaxing. So necessary yet lighthearted. I love my job, like l.o0o.v.e my job. I have a PERFECT apartment and roommate. I learned this year that my heart can break and feel, forgive and heal again. I know I have talents that I can offer the world and as a wife.. I bet I wouldn't be that bad (working on this insecurity). But I am stuck with the idea of what happens?

I am scared that so many I know, myself included, stopped dreaming big. We stopped desperately grabbing for Jesus' garments to heal us ((Mark 5)) and the world around us. We stopped loving and living and started... getting by. We're not crazy in love anymore. We reminisce and sometimes regret the days where impulses drove us. But as I have heard many times before if you don't feel like you're risking everything you've got then you're not living the true life of Christianity. If people are never annoyed (and/or aware of) your love for God and the good works they consistently see you doing then are you living in the overflow of God?

I guess I know what happens in the end. When the dreamer stops dreaming, the motivational speakers loses thier spark and the prayer warrior stops fighting. They lose hope and in turn those they would have been ministering to lose their chance at finding hope. Right? Or does God really find someone else to fulfill their purpose? If He does then as a lazy culture I can foresee everyone just waiting for the next 'great minister' to do what God has really called THEM to do.

Bah. For once, I sound so pessimistic. But I do know this: if you are not doing what it is God has shaped you to do. You. Will. Lose. Hope. ((proverbs 13:12 "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life."))

You just gotta stay fresh. You have to stay in the word. You have to make the choice to dream big. To ask God for more. To not give up-- because that will always be the easiest choice. To push through. Not to fight, but to surrender ((matthew 26:29)). Surrender to something bigger, something better. It won't all be fun, but it will be an adventure ((joshua 1:9)). It won't all be rewarding, but you will find treasure ((matthew 6:20)).

Although the questions burns in my mind... I don't really want to know what happens. I would rather learn to dream again, delight in speaking, and get praying. I'd rather see what happens then... because then God can really move in Rochester, in my own heart, and in the lives of the people or situational you are praying for. And if you don't believe me, I bet Martin Luther King Jr. would agree. 

To my readers, I encourage you in this: Keep dreaming big for the Lord, telling people about it as much as you can and covering the whole process in prayer. You won't regret it. "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" ((1 Corinthians 2:9))

above all else: Love.

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Dea said...

I ***LOVE*** this post!!!! I can always use reminders like this! ;)