Wednesday, January 4, 2012

please use my mistakes

The true points of fasting: To release whatever is hindering you from receiving God's full grace for you. To become dependent on His spirit alone and to focus on His strength throughout.

God, you know my heart, they do not.
You know the situation, they do not.
You know how much I care when I hide it from them.
You know those intimate moments we share.

And its not like I didn't know you were going to ask me to release him again and I believe full heartily you will be true to this fast and my heart will only be blessed and fuller because of it but God please hear my cry!! Use my mistakes to bring you glory. Use my weaknesses to shine your strength to him Lord. For years I was ashamed to admit how deeply I felt for him and now--- now I took the chance, its not right...its just not right. And I need it to not lead to a path of destruction but a path of deeper wisdom and peace for both of us. I need you to comfort our pain, I need you to be the forgiving God you so are and lavish us with love... even in our filthiness. In our wandering from you- I need you to be true. I need you to awaken his soul. Lord, you know I don't pray like this often. I have asked for things before from you, but here.... here lord I BEG you, I CRY OUT for you. You know my heart. You know how sick I am over this. LORD BE MERCIFUL.

Please, save him. Please

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