Sunday, February 14, 2010

Small town Gal

From one small town gal to another ((or guy- pk&ryan)) Things are different down here. I am not in a spot where I can say I like New York life or Tennessee life better. ((as in the environment-not people&circumstances))  So I thought I would work this out with you all & do somewhat of a pro and con list for Nashville life! Let me know what you think!

Every shopping center -ever- is here
Ministry down here is phenom
There is always something to do
Big things happen here like conferences, concerts, & festivals
They do food right here
Even fast food is bangin'
Everything is clean and refreshing feeling like stores and such
There are way more churches than... anything.
There is a Starbucks wherever you are
Everyone at least says they like Jesus
The restaurants are themed and fun
Grocery stores are not cramped
Customer Service most places is wonderful
People will come to visit you since you live in a cool city
Radio stations play amazing music and give away get-away trips EVERYDAY.
Gas prices are cheaper : )
There are so many people my age here
Many Non-Profit organizations are based here
Main streets actually are main streets filled with cozy stores and pastry shops
You can wear ANYTHING and still be in style

There are no hometown quaint coffeeshops
Churches are way big
Traffic is tormenting
People are fake nice
Everywhere you go, there is a line 
It is very hard to meet people
Stuff is expensive.
It is easy to get lost
There are too many shopping centers
In each neighborhood, all the houses look the same
I don't have that non-match look style going for me
There are several languages  going on at once at places
Service places (postoffice etc) are always busy and never feel "homey"
That's all I got for the list now.

Other random facts:
I have fallen in love with Chik-fil-A. yummmm!
My gym serves champagne and Mamosas everyday for free! And they can be taken into the Jacuzzi.
I am going to start volunteering at the cafe in my church. Its like the size of a Starbucks (and get a lot of business- since its a 800+ church) You work there for free but I figure it would be a great way to make small talk with people and get a feel for the church.
And since I am volunteering I get to go to the 'Catch the Fire' conference for free!!! Our church is hosting the Arnotts (they are the leaders of the Toronto airport revival!!) (google-Toronto Blessing)
I am also going to an IHOP regional in a few weekends-Yay
I get to spend Valentine's day with the Mercy girls!! We are going to a Vanderbilt Basketball game. And needless to say there are plenty of surprises for the girls today. <3 <3 
And all this just makes me remember, I am small town gal. 


Heather said...

ummm, the Arnotts are coming!?!?!?!?! they are on the list of people I need to see before I walk into my calling!!! Are YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! CAROL IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE WOMEN ON THIS PLANET!!?!?!??!?! bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Corinne said...

I want to be in Tennessee soooo bad!!
i actually applied to east tennessee state university.... so i may be down there eventually! ;) haha
I went to nashville over the summer and LOVED it..... have you been to the wild horse saloon?? its right off Broadway in nashville, up the side street right before you get to the hard rock cafe.... you get to line dance its a load of fun!
and i also recommend going to franklin its so pretty there and a cute little small town. ahhhh i wish i was there!!
have you heard of/gone to a church called peoples church? im pretty sure thats the name of it.... ive heard its amazing.
so stoked for you =)
im glad things are going welll! miss you have fun! :)

oh heather .... you make me laugh