Thursday, April 2, 2009

She bought a Bible today

My heart burst with joy. She has no idea.
She doesn't know how precious she is in God's eyes- but she is starting to catch a glimpse of it.
She doesn't know how gifted she is- but she is starting to notice some positive qualities she has.
She doesn't know that someday her hands will heal- but she is beginnign to reach out more.
She doesn't know how much of an inspiration she is to me- but I hope someday she will.
My heart delights in her spirit. And she still has no idea.

She bought a Bible today and I helped her pick it out.
She was thankful I went with her- but I am eternally grateful she called me.
How is it we take souls for granted?
He doesn't. That is all he concerned about.
So the question is: Why aren't we....?

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