Saturday, April 25, 2009

So many things I want to say

There are just so many things I want to say lately and my tongue feels so tied.

We had a death on campus last night... that kind of shock makes anyone contemplate their life and take a deep breathe.

Mostly everyone hit up the beach or a towel outside because it is so beautiful outside today but I needed so much rest...from everything.

I still don't get what I want from you. You drive my crrrrraaaazzzy. But I have never loved someone with such innocence and peace.

I am over this pointing out my flaws stage. I need a rest to work on the once I have found.

My 21st birthday is Monday and I have no desire to do anything....

and I am tired. I am so tired... I really have no energy left. I need a week of nothing... maybe even a day. I am not stressed though, just tired.

However, the day after I get home from finals- I start work. But that is 150% more of a blessing than anything. With the job market I am so so so so blessed to receive this job.

God has been using many older women in my life to bless me lately and I am loving it. None of them go to church none of them condemn me, they juts love me. Sometimes I think those who do not even relate to church get it more than we do... sometimes.

I recently heard this quote. "the problem is Christians can only Love people as much as they Love themselves... and most Christians don't Love themselves..." chew on that for a bit.

Did you ever realize how much "me" "I" and "our" is in worship songs? Absolutely ridiculous. I am starting to delete a lot of songs that I use to live by.

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