Thursday, April 16, 2009

.::. cHaNGe .::.

Change. I can feel it.
Change. I can smell it.
I feel so ready.
I feel so anxious but in a really good way.
I feel so powerful.
I feel like my prayers are entering the throne room.
I feel as if I am running closer towards my Savior.
I don't know why.
I don't question why either.
I have not been doing my devotionals
...but I try not to kick myself about it.

I can't stop listening to songs about change.
Like old school Britney Spears and new school Taylor Swift.
As if they understand what I am feeling...
but somehow I feel like they do.

Either way, I am excited.

Change. it does not scare me.
It never has. Never will.
I love it.
Sure, I have grieved things lost but
I always look forward to ::whats next::

So what is next??
mMMMmMmMmmmm <3
That's when things get so good. Mercy is next.
My dreams come true.
My promises are fulfilled.
Glory is brought to God.
My cries are heard.
My prayers kick open doors.
My authority claims the name of Jesus.
ughhhhhh, NASHIVILLEEEE let me go now!!!

And a few weeks ago I thought I had things figured out with
-+- me and him -+-

But ya know what? I don't.
And I don't care.
He's here and if he ever decides not be- fine.
My heart is somewhere else.
And I can't hide it anymore.
I want to sccrrreeeam it from the high-rises...
Jesus Reigns.

It's so easy to be comfortable.
I can not stress that enough.
But once you break free- you're free.
SOOO free. MmMM <3
yay for change.

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