Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Extra Hot Cocoa

I swear it that I would be a great waitress.
I use to be such a good barista at Starbucks.
Always giving that extra smile, whip cream and listening ear.
That is not to brag... but that is just who I am.

A lot of the times that I go out I do not get nice waiters.
That always bums me out-- I mean to a point.
I am always trying to talk to them & joke and they just want to know how I want my eggs-- no for real-- that is all they are thinking about.
But last night Ryan & I went out to Friendly's and we had a waitress who gave me an extra hot cocoa.

This is not about the hot cocoa.
It is about going above and beyond.
It was about her kindness.
It was about her crossing the "cultural norms" and still doing something nice for me.

Upon leaving I asked Ryan "Ya know we have had her a couple of times- do you think she knows who we are?" Ryan answered, "Yeah I bet she knows we are the couple who comes in everyone once in awhile, prays before meals, and leaves a good tip"

All three were true. I bet she does remember us and the tip we leave. And now that has me thinking... I wonder what *impression* we leave on her and everyone we meet.

I bet people think we are pretty happy.
We sure laugh a lot.
We talk the whole time and like to engage those around us in the conversation.
We obviously like the combination of ice cream and hot fudge, but I bet she doesn't know...

She doesn't know how sad I really was drinking that extra hot cocoa.
She doesn't know that he cut me off mid-way through my prayer so he could eat his sandwhich.
I bet she doesn't know how much that free hot cocoa meant to me.

Not only does she not know-- but most likely she does not care.
I mean whose heart really breaks over each person they meet wondering what turmoil they are going through that day?
Who takes that much time to consider what others are really going through.
We physically can't. There is not enough time to sit down and really help everyone and hear them out.

So can we at least agree to give that extra cup of cocoa?
I know I am. Because, wow- did I need that.
It may have been warm outside but my heart was quite cold.

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