Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ten Week Tribute

It has been ten weeks since I have left Nashville, Tennessee. I would like to say that Mercy Ministries and Grace Center cross my mind everyday, but they don't. However, I can say that every promise I made inside my heart, every whisper I sent to heaven, every hard decision I cried through-- I have followed through on.

It sucks that for the first month I felt like no one at that place understood, liked, or recognized me... not as a whole but in unexplainable ((insecure)) ways.

I was so wrong.

Like I said it has been ten weeks sicne I have left and this is the fourth "batch" letters I have recieved from girls still in the program. They have shared thier trials, triumphs, affrimation and love with me. They have let me in and not fogotten me. They have sent prayers and asked for advice. They have been transformed and set free. They are at peace and in love with the God that created them.

My heart bursts with joy.

One of the girls wrote back about a comment I made about being bored almost with being pure-- even though I know it is ultimately the best choice. She wrote back urging to not to compromise-- she lavished me with scriptures and reminded me why it is I do what I do.

*Sigh.. I love what I do- shut-up, sit back, make  myself available and let God use me. What a wonderful career. That is another reason being home is so hard-- it's like this environment won't let me blossom- it won't let me be a vessel for Him and that's fine, I know I'll find a blessed place to be again like Nashville was. 

So here is the tribute to the place that loved on my unconditionally, ripped insecurities out of me and replaced them with true confidence. Here is to the town that taught me what quality and richness of life really is. Here is to the people truly chasing after God's heart and unwilling to compromise life--and succeeding in miracles because of it. Here is to the minsitry that awoken my heart and made a worker out of me.

I miss you, all of you. But again, I know it's here where I am meant to be-- for now.

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