Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whose to Say

It's Saturday night. I am back in my college town. After my best friend and I caught the tail end of 'You've Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan- we joked about our fellow college student facebook statuses of 
"Slip and Slide at 49 Main St. stop by and bring beer!"
"Out with my ladies doing what we do best and always regretting it the next day"

We wondered are we wasting our youth? Shouldn't the age of 22 be filled with late nights, high heels and memorable stories? This is a place I come back to often. This question of whose to say what is fun anyway. 

I went out with my christian club on campus to the coffee shop last night and putting aside the unsettledness I felt from not fitting in anymore, it was not fun. I tried to turn their conversations from random jokes to what Jesus had done in their lives, no one responded. How is that fun? I wanted to talk about all God had done for me and listen to what He had done at my college while I was gone... that didn't happen.

So as of now, The Hills TV show is on and the girls (whoever they are) decide to have a night in and go to a the hotel to relax... they all ended up yelling at each other and thrown martini glasses around... so it doesn't look like they are having fun either.

So who is having  fun? Who is living the life a 22 year old should? I wonder how different a 22 years olds life would be in a third world country compared to my selfishness here in America. I know that whenever I find myself asking this question God convicts me. Living a life like everyone else won't make the changes in the world I want to make. It's not that I have to live in solitude- but I do have to make the right choices to carry out the calling He has put on my life. Now I will admit I have had some good earthly times in the past... but were they worth it? The unsatisfying feeling you get chasing your friends in and out of different clubs, hoping he'll call, and wishing you had her body etc etc. 

Maybe I am not missing out. Maybe I will stay in again tonight. I mean really who is to say what is fun anyway...

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[Dana] said...

I can't wait to give you the biggest Irish hug ever. And maybe stay in and drink hot chocolate and exchange stories? Let's make it happen. I'm gonna have free time :)