Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For him

For anyone who has been following for awhile knows I like to speak to 'her' a lot. Those deep brown eyes, shaky but not faint voice, the scars on her wrist and a hope beginning to surface. I love her I do. But this past year has taught me a lot about him. And when I say him, he's a lost feller. He's heard it all but not sure if he can believe it. He's had his heart broken, but he's broken a few in his day also.

He's home life is alright, but the social life could use some work. Underneath it all he's a genuine guy. He really wants whats best but because he has been taught no value he responds harshly. He wants it to be a good day, but it's not always a good day. Nevertheless he awakes each day with hope. He brings a smile to someone's life, while all along he wishes someone could do that for him. 

He is overlooked, but not forgotten. He is not socially best, but he is a charmer. He loves and he loves quickly and rashly. He makes a choice and chases it with all his heart.
This, this is what has left him hurt, time and time again. 

My thoughts immediately turn to 'what if he :::chased::: God?' What if he casted the worldly cares aside and ran after his real Father. What if he admitted all he really wanted out of high-school was affirmation? This affirmation he has yet to find in college. What if he surrendered that false pride that has been built up for years? 

Could it be... could it be he is just as important, loved, adored, gifted and purposed as my 'her'? Does God want to redeem the warriors in this world just as badly as His beauties? Of course we are led to believe yes. Yes, He has a plan for Him. Yes, He cares for him. ...but why then aren't we? Don't get me wrong I LOVE woman's ministry. But what about him? He has been left out his whole life- does he not deserve to be cared for also? How can we bring 'bromance' back to the church? I know my church is trying and there are plenty of books out there now trying to redeem the church for men. Get rid of the pink fliers, loosen up the dress code, let the men be men. 

I love that Ryan is a man. Hah, well obviously. But I love the temper he brings to the surface when someone has done me wrong. I love that he would rather shoot his friends with paintball guns then stay in and bake them cookies. I love that he brings out the best and very worst of me all at the same time. I mean it's the original design- we are the beauties that set those men on fire. We drive them nuts, just like God has purposed it (haha-lets not use this as an excuse). Together Adam and Eve were a team, a team that didn't always consult their coach which led to some defeats, but a team none the less. A team that was redeemed by a sacrifice and still loved. 

So all in all this is for him. 

I am sorry it took me so long to acknowledge you. You are important to the kingdom. If it wasn't for men like you- God might not always catch those 'off-the-streets' kind of girls so quickly. Again, I recommend Wild at Heart for further discussion on this topic. But more so I recommend a church that understands and responds to a heart of a man. A church that will allow men to grow and play, to fight and cry, to love and be loved. I also recommend becoming strong on your own then finding the beauty to inspire you. Build the foundation, that way she can be safe and reckless in your arms. I know I am thankful for that. My heart has never felt so at home yet so adventurous before. Because of this, Ryan does for me what no other man can do and God does for me what no earthly man can do.

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