Sunday, March 7, 2010

More, Lord. Part III

Now onto Part III.
Please refer to at least Part I to bring context to this blog before delving in. Now, although teachings are quite important and we must allow people to speak into our lives, there is one counselor whom knows all and speaks only truth. And that is what we must tune into- more so than anything. This is what the Holy Spirit has been telling me. Here are bits and pieces of what has been relayed to me or my thoughts in response. What is not from me is italicized. There is much error to be had and some of it is for everyone and some of it so specific to me you might not even grasp it.
Hope you enjoy it.
  • Rest Kerri, just rest. I release my love to you when your eyes are on me. 
  • You will be who I want you to be and I will make you how I want to make you  (said very firmly)
  • If I took an oath and said it could be just you and I would I really mean it? Lord, I want to mean it.
  • I am right there Kerri, telling you when to turn, when to stop when to put it into reverse. I will never leave you nor forsake you. It is your turn to lead. It's coming Kerri and it's coming soon so just prepare your heart.
  • I set you apart on purpose, your ahead of the game because I need you. And we're in this together.
  • I will bless you for chasing after me with all your heart
  • You can search and search and dig and dig for truth and doctrine, to just find out that God is Love. And that is the purpose to life.
  • There is much life beyond the cross, Yes spend your time grieving there- but move on and conquer the city!
  • Yes, I said that but you are not the woman I need you to be yet. Do not lose heart.
  • You want to know my heart Kerri? It is for them. And them. Everyone. They are everywhere and they don't know me like you do. They don't have the pleasure of knowing my love for them. That's my heart Kerri. You said you wanted to know... there it is. Everywhere Kerri, they cover the world. Their lost and they are everywhere. Revival Lord, revival. Open their eyes, open their hearts, bring them back. I'm coming Kerri and there is a whole lot of people not coming with me. Care for them. attract their attention. I'm coming Kerri, and I really want them to go also. Wow, so that is what if feels like to have God put the world on your heart. Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. I do not revoke gifts. I will stay Kerri, press into me- it is kind of an unconditional thing we have.
  • Why yes Kerri since you asked, you have declared the word, i will give you the land- I'm glad you asked.
  • My Bride, my beautiful bride, wear my ring as a symbol of the promise of my return. Love no man the way you long for me. Burn with desire for me, lay down your life for me- but give no other man such privilege. For you are my bride- you are my lover. No one has rights to you but me. No one has access to you except through me. You ask who, who, who? I answer it is I, the one who brought you up from the ground and made us one. You have access to me always. It is your choice to fight for me or not. it is your choice to burn for me or for him. Your heart is made for desire but who is it longing for? Who, who, who I ask? ...Let it be me. Your creator, your romancer, your father, your lover, your comfort. Let your fire burn for me, and me alone. Give me room and watch what I can do. 
  • Awaken my people, for I am here- awaken them from slumber for I am ready to move.
Wow, I don't know about you all- but those last two bullet points really get me. Wow... He is ready. he ain't going to wait forever- give your heart to Him or not, your choice. Since I have been going at this 'blog' for almost three hours now I should probably call it quits but I still ask More, Lord. give them more. Whether they know it is from you or not. Whether their heart burns for you already or not, bless them and give them more- more of you, because the more of you we have and the less of us we become the more freedom and healing we can experience and healed people- heal people.


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