Wednesday, March 24, 2010

#7 is my Life Goal

Well folks He did it again.
He tore off another facade.
Another wrong thinking.
It is a season of *renewing the mind*
Filling myself with God's truth and allowing the enemy to tremble in fear of the woman I am.
I feel so emotional here.
Like a train wreck yet peaceful.
Completely uncomfortable yet purposed.
Unstable yet steady.
Manic yet wise.

Either way, this semester I learned a lot about what I want in life..
way more so then what I don't want. Which I think is great.
Most interns walk away saying 'No way man'
I'm running in going 'GIVE ME MORREEE"

So let's discuss some things Kerri does want in life. Yes, I say discuss because hopefully I can cultivate a conversation about all of this and not feel like my words enter cyberspace and bounce back only to me. ((which if that did happen is totally fine- still worth it)) So, shall we?

#1 Kerri wants to learn how to ballroom dance with whomever she may marry.- thought I would start the list off lightly
#2 Let it be known Kerri would like to marry her current boyfriend Ryan at some much later time.
#3 Kerri would like to save everyone, and yes I do believe this is possible as a matter of fact.
#4 Kerri would like to have every event in her life (i.e. upcoming grad party) to glorify God and honor him and allow Him to show up in whatever way He deems necessary.
#5 Kerri would like to learn how to spell necessary, the right way the first time.
#6 A membership at this fancy gym for the rest of her life would be grand.
#7Kerri would like to convince everyone she meets that they were created to be loved & romanced by God, not so she can be right, but so that they can experience the love they deserve.
#8 Kerri would like to not grow up and stay not only young in spirit but really, just young overall
#9 Kerri would never like to be separated from her friends all at once, ever again.
#10 Kerri would like to understand the social work world better and not be fooled so easily by other's fake-ness and coping mechanisms 
#11 Kerri would like to have her blog be a big deal someday, like after she becomes a famous speaker =)
#12 Kerri would like to be and plans to be a student of God's word as she realizes this is the way to access freedom and live life with wisdom
#13 Kerri would like to only make this list to 15 so people do not stop reading it
#14 Kerri would like to keep her room clean from now on. Shocking I know
#15 Kerri would like to bring as much of this joy/spirit/gladness/wisdom/goodness/revelation to New York as she can
#16 ((Okay I lied)) Kerri would like to walk in excellence and integrity, including purity in all facets of life. This is not an option but a holy duty as I know it is a great way to connect with God and allow heaven to touch earth for a bit.
#17 Last but not least, Kerri would like to have Chris McClarney at her birthday party (Some nine year old asked for this) Chris is the worship leader at Grace Center and you should REALLY check him out. Google Him. "Your love is everything" is like my anthem.

That is all the wisdom I have to impart for now.
Ha, if that was wisdom at all.
More so a word vomit for those who miss me & I miss also.

Keep it real, Above All Else: Love.


[Dana] said...

#9 Kerri would never like to be separated from her friends all at once, ever again.

Dana agrees for herself.


Heather said...

ummm Heather would like Chris McClarney at her bday party!!! just sayin'...

Corina said...
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Corina said...

Not really sure why i'm having trouble with the whole comment-thing -attempt number three- #13: I kept reading anyway (= and, fyi number fifteen has already begun <3

Emily Elizabeth said...

definitely agree with corina. you have brought all those things to brockport. now you just need to come back and keep doing that :). and darlin, i'm not sure #14 will ever be completely true. lol! you wouldn't be kerri if you didn't have a somewhat messy room. (and i say that with a lot of love).

Kari B said...

#1 - Check out Authur Murray dance studios in Rochester. I believe it's in Henrietta. There are also studios in Syracuse and Orlando, FL... and in other cities as well.

My sister and brother-in-law own one of the franchised studios in Orlando. :)