Sunday, March 7, 2010

More, Lord. Part II

Hello Readers if you are just 'tuning in' I would ask you to read Part I prior to this. Now knowing what the content of the 'sermons/lessons' have been about here are some just wow- Thought provoking Quotes from the past six weeks. These will be the kind of one liners people would respond to with "Come On, Preach it, Amen, It's good etc".

  • It is not about how much Holy Spirit you have, but how much of you the Holy Spirit has
  • If you create something form manipulation, you will have to keep it by manipulation
  • We are just way to familiar with a God we barely know
  • Aren't you tired of seeing what man can do? Let's see what God can do.
  • The most profound thing of Christianity and preaching the gospel is keeping it simple
  • The church has no clue who or what God is
  • Do what your conscience tells you to do. Do what is going to make the world turn their heads
  • Don't be a spectator, stir up your heart and participate in the Kingdom of God
  • The moment you are who god wants you to be, it will happen.
  • The greater the suffering, the greater the anointing
  • Satan and God are asking you the exact same question, "Who are you?" And so a man thinks, so is he.
  • God wants to bless you, that is why He is asking you to give. So he can give you even more than you had to begin with. he can't pour out until you surrender.
  • Everything in God's kingdom is a paradox. Is he fully God or fully man? Both. Is he a lion or a lamb? Both. Is he living water or consuming fire? Both. Is he a man who raises the dead or a God who weeps? Both.
  • The most miserable people are not those who don't know the truth but those who refuse to lose their life. To live a double life is to live no real life.
  • Don't know what your called to do? Do what Jesus did that will take up some of your time!
  • Forget the health-care debate, let's start healing the sick!
  • Serving is great, but when you forget who you are serving you lose your strength. 
  • If one glance from us ravishes His heart, imagine what would happen when a generation's glance turns into a gaze? (Song of Solomon 4:9)
  • There is a lot of good things to give your heart to, but what if everyone gave their heart to the -one thing- (Psalm 27:4)

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Heather said...

AMEN!!!! love these!!