Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is For Heather

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The future... how much am I allowed to plan?
How much is already planned?
How much greater are the things
God can think of then the things I can think of?
How does he make everything so... sweet tasting?
life. purity. honesty. forgiveness. walking in the light.
we're called. we're called together.
My ministry somehow became our ministry.
His dreams somehow became my dreams.
I want to move to the Carolinas'.

Heather, this ones for you.


Heather said...

our dream organizations only 23 min. apart.....
hahaha oh man...
love you way too much!! <3 xoxoxo

Heather said...

just letting some of this sink in takes my breath away....there are so few words in this blog-but the depth and the talks, and the realizations in it make me shake in the Holy Spirit!

Kendralee* said...

SO excited for the two of you!! AH!!!!!! GIRLS!!!! Life sure is great, huh? ;)

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