Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Social Worker In Me

My heart isn't here anymore. I feel like I am pulling my teeth out every time I go to write a paper. I would like to blame this on laziness or early senioritis, but really I'm just not into it.

You know where my heart is? For those who don't know my sister was admitted to the hospital after having a feveral seizure. It was an isolated incident but still scary none the less. She was rushed to Strong Memorial in Rochester, NY. She is healing now and the family is rested and grateful. Even though that was obviously my main concern, I told you that to explain my heart. So I am at the hospital and I spot a few signs for an interfaith chapel. I recently sat in on a conference discussion on interfaith so my senses were hightened. I knew that this meant every religion and spirituality was allowed to worship there. So I am pumped. My sister's healing I want to praise God and woo I'm feeling good. I get there it s a nice place, glamorus and all. I check it out since I am the onll one there. It had a huge mosaic of a few well known scriptures. Since I am curious I walk to the back and realize there is a small sign on top of a chest noting where the muslim rugs could be found. And I'm thinking wait a second... I came in and instantly saw scripture and you're telling me Muslims have to find thier way to the back for thier rugs? Why was thier no sign in the front?! This angered me. I mean if your claiming to be interfaith then lets cater to everyone's need... I know its the social worker in me but my heart gets so angry at such things. Who are we to think everyone will enjoy the scriptures? Who are we that when they are in need at a HOSPITAL they have to feel out of place in worship. So thats, that.

Now I have not mentioned in any blog before my research. Let's call it a life long research project. I am in the beginning stages of acedemic crtiques and exploring. I ahve an idependent study this semester studying the paradigams of Chirsitanity & Feminsim. I do not whatsoever want to blog this yet. I want to be more informed. I want to be subjectional. I want to be less irrational when I finally let it all out. For the record I am a proud Chirstian & Feminist. So don't think Im out to prove one over the other. I want to do the opposite actually, kind of. I don't want to write about mushy-gushy-can't-we-be-friends, we-all-care-about-being-the-best-women-we could-be. I want to be real i want to explore our two different mind sets and be able to hit the sore spots and actaully t.a.l.k about it. I don't want to convert. I don't want to prove points I want to understand. And I do understand a lot of it since it is my heart- but I don't want to a rant blogger. Especially because I spent mumerous hours on end reading those type of blogs for this research. Its kind of like having my own interviews like these Doctoric level social workers get to.

But anyways I am a firm believer that everyone has thier passions, everyone has thier convictions and we will all argue to were more than blue in the face to solve these issues. Its how God intended it to be. Ill be the eyes you can be the arms and together we can heal this broken world.

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