Saturday, November 8, 2008

Walking through Music

Let me begin with this warning-
If you don't know Jesus as your personal Savior, this is will seem crazy.

So as my followers know, we are reading Captivating at lifegroup.
Things in my life have really changed since we started this book.
At first I thought I was going to hate it, it was going to be another
sermon of "your beautiful because God said you are etc etc",
But its not!
Not at all! I have been so moved, so changed,
so loved,
since I began to respond to what this book was saying.
Yes, respond. you cannot just read a book like this is think
"mhmmm so good, I love Jesus". No no no.
It's "ohhh shit-- I should do something about that"

I can't really explain what changed but along with all that
time I have been taking to relax, I have given a lot more to God.
After class on Wednesday, He called me to my favorite place on campus.
It's between where my class was and on the way back to my dorm.
The trees were incredible. The lighting was perfect.
And I- was walking through music.
There just is no other way to explain it.
No ipod. No humming. No dance floor.
Just me and my Romancer.

Then again on Thursday, immediately after I found out I won
RA of the month :) He lured me in again.
This time a picnic table, almost so perfectly placed it scared me.
I swear to you- it was never there before.
And again, we danced. I turned off my phone, I kicked off my shoes
and I allowed God, my father, my teacher, my adviser, my Savior
become my Romancer.

I wondered today if he was going to be there again.
Almost as if I was waiting on a call for a second date.
So I went back. Again, I felt this overwhelming amount of love-
a fountain of- of- well music.... thick fog of
worthiness and perfection,

forgiveness and kindness,
gentleness and prosperity.

I had finally found it.
The reason we were made, the reason for the garden,
the reason for our creation.
Love. A love much deeper than 1Corinthians,
a love much deeper than Hallmark and diamonds.
Deeper than our parents, deeper than our friends, deeper than our pastors.

It was Love from our creator.
A love He had been longing for me to feel for so long.

A love that I had foolishly overlooked and taken for granted.
This Love has changed my life and I refuse to stay quiet!!!

Let Him in. Seriously, if your haven't felt this- if you haven't heard a cricket symphony played just for you, if you haven't felt like you were born with or on purpose, if you haven't seen the daylight smile back at you, give in. Really, it's time to just give in.


Anonymous said...

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I think that you may enjoy the various labels and music videos I design for my art blog, hope to see you here soon and take care :)

Heather said... living it....mmmm. Love Him.

Dea said...

I LOVE this post!! It made me crave Him :)