Sunday, November 9, 2008

Green Eyes & Aspirations

It was never fair to him. I Loved him, I really did.
The moment I laid eyes on him last summer I saw forever.
But, I never believed in him.
He saw right through my fears and brought out more
Godly desires in my life than anyone has yet.
He always encouraged me and always offered Love.
Our relationship was never perfect, never meant to be.
I see that now- But, I should have supported him.
he had a dream, he had a vision-
He had Green eyes & Aspirations.

I can tell you the moment I lost him,
the moment his heart shut me out.
I remember verbally taking his dreams and
crushing them in my hands....
I'm not taking blame for how things turned out,
and I don't believe he should either.
Break-ups just happen.
And there is an off topic lesson to learn also-
There are two parts to a breakup:

  1. the actual event or happening of calling it quits
  2. the realization that your ex will move on

There was a point where I tried to turn it around
I did believe in him, I made an honest attempt
and put forth my best efforts to show my change.
But his Green eyes had lost those Aspirations
This could of honestly, been one of the saddest days of my life.
For those who have hurt the ones they love
will understand this....
I tried my hardest to get that energy, that zest back into his life-
but it was gone.
I wasn't the only one to blame, but I hate that it happened.

Its been a while since I saw those Green eyes
or heard about those Aspirations
So I guess this is my apology to him.
I'm Sorry.
And for everyone else, learn from this.
You can't judge someone's gifts, abilities or calling.
Although you can't see it- God placed a fire in their heart
and you certainly do not want to be the one breaks those
Green eyes and Aspirations.

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