Monday, February 21, 2011

Not the typical abortion post

A lot of my followers are not going to enjoy this post and I understand their outrage. But this is where I am today, this is how I feel. Me, the one in the trenches, who day after day not only sees but feels the pain of those in poverty and living life without health care and hope.

I do not agree with defunding Planned Parenthood. I know, I can see the look on your face.. and I get it, I do. I am pro-life, I swear it-- but as one of my main role models, Nancy Alcorn (founder of Mercy Ministries), urges Christians to not picket and whine about abortion clinics, instead, she says, start giving the girls alternative options (give them your resources to relieve their fear, babysit, provide transportation, fund organizations like Mercy) [please note that comment has nothing to do with prayer, I believe intercessory prayer can change things and is not vain, what is vain is yelling at a girl as her whole life crumbles down around her]

At my internship, I work hand and hand with Planned Parenthood, quite often. They provide my clients with health services that otherwise would leave them vulnerable to a very harsh world. Sometimes I wonder if the world takes better care of the hurting then we [those who know the hope of the Lord] do. I mean at least they are trying... we might not [actually I know we don't] agree with their tactics but they are trying to help. A majority of us 'church goers' close our eyes and choose to ignore the harshness of reality. [please also note none of the Christians I associate with are these people, don't think this is directed at you at all]

This post really has nothing to do with abortions exactly, since the money being taken away does not go towards that service offered, but I figure the title would catch some new readers in. It's just I am struggling with the fact if I am compromising in my appreciation on Planned Parenthood. But... I just, I know they are well intended. Those opposed to them say they have no respect for human life as they allow for abortions, but on the other hand they do care about human life, that's why they do it... they care about the hurting, confused girl in front of them. In their eyes, they are doing what is best. Do I agree with it? No. Do I grieve enough for those lost lives that God had plans for? Most definitely not. But I don't want to see how much worse things will get for my girls if they lose the benefits of receiving free services to health care, STD testing, birth control, parenting workshops, and counseling.

However, at the same time, I am limiting God with that belief. I am assuming that He will not provide a better service, or transformation for these girls instead. And I know transformation is possible, but not everyone chooses that so... is it okay to settle for rooting on the world's version of "help", while keeping in prayer that the girls will choose the freedom in Christ offered? I believe we have to meet people where they are at- and if that is handing out free condoms and clean needles [different organization] I think so be it. The world will always be fallen. We gotta do what we can, you can't ask someone to stop living a risky lifestyle until they expereince the love of Christ and choose obedience as a response to His faithfulness.

My thoughts then? Let's start focusing on giving people the opportunity to expereince God's goodness. Let's get out there in those trenches [wherever you feel lead to, this is not an exhaustible list of places] let's start healing, let's start SHOWING the good news along with preaching it. If Planned Parenthood's defunding is an answered cry from so many faithful, faithful children of God, so be it-- let it be then. But let's not leave the lost, lost. We have to replace that system, with something that works, something Godly... and please don't read this post and think your are not capable of bringing change, because you are.

First, get on board with God, learn what it is to be loved for just being you. Realize you were created on and for a purpose. Begin to dream and partner with God, as He begins to show you places in your life that need to be lined up with His word and be obedient [that also means you have to make the choice to read his word]. Refocus your thinking from what you can't do, to how great God is and what you two can do together and then do it. He promises He will be with you every step of the way.

Whether you agree with my thoughts or not, let's agree that it is a broken world out there. No one, and no agency is perfect. We are all striving to make up for an original sin that none of us can reverse. We are stuck on this side of heaven, desperately seeking and creating what we think are the 'right ways' and 'most effective treatments' for our own pain and grief. Even those who have found forgiveness, healing, deliverance and joy in Christ, continue to fall, continue to sin, we're all wrong, we're all imperfect. We'll only know true peace in heaven and at that point I'll know if my support of Planned Parenthood was wrong or not.

Opposing veiwpoints can be found here: Christian Post and Planned Parenthood
Rochester, NY statistics can be found here:  Skip to the last page and be shocked, check out these numbers and although sketchy website this is fact.
Healing for Abortions can be found here: , Mercy Ministries and Forgiven & set free
God's grace can be found: anywhere you decided to turn to Him.
Answers to all this craziness found in your prayers and listening to God's calling for your life.


Kelly said...

I'm glad you wrote this post. I definitely do agree with you. I don't agree with abortion as an answer either but I do agree with you that they provide so many other things for people that (as someone who's been without health care for the last 2 years) I can totally understand how significant and helpful it is.

Kendralee* said...

kerri, you have caught the truth within the winds of something so, so good. wow, what a fresh air of hpoe this was for me! hope that there are people out there willing to get to know christ HIMSELF enough to be able to step out and point out/say these things. you're absolutely right. and i have so much more to say but won't leave it in a "comment". i love and support you. keep running and loving.

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