Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glee drama: The pictures say it all

I am really going to catch slack for this post. Readers, don't hate too much. Just got done watching Glee. Ridiculous show, horrible morals and stereotypes but- love it. Mainly because my eleven year old cousin and I can both watch it together. But don't get to thinking I am a fanatic or anything, I barely follow the love drama, I mean you'd have to take notes to really follow, they change crushes faster than real high-schoolers.

So, here it is. They got me with this line: "Just because I can’t be with you, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in you". Ahhh, come on Glee don't tease my heart like that. That is everything I want to hear. *sigh. I don't relate to the couple at all that said this, but I can relate to the feelings captured in this picture:

This picture was entitled 'Heartbreak'. Can't you see why?

They use to be together. They don't make sense at all as a couple. He has already kissed a bazillion other girls after they called it quits, but she still cares about him. She still wishes he would chose her, the goody good, over all the other girls throwing themselves at him. But even if he did 'choose' her they wouldn't work. She is ridiculously goal oriented. She's got a drive in her that is going to take her places, others her age can only dream of. He... well he is into being popular. He wants to have the best clothes, win all the football games and still stay tender hearted as he tempts every girl he meets with his charm, on purpose.

This is what fighting desire looks like

But still--she swears they had a connection. It made sense in her head. They continue into the season with both of them hurting each other, one cheating, another one lying. This episode, he released her. Well, she released herself from the confusion. He kissed another girl and said it felt like 'fireworks'. She knew even if he did feel that way for her at one point, he doesn't now. It was time to let him go. Let go of the foolish promises she held on to for way, way too long. Time to chase her dream alone and not let the weight of some charmer drag her down. As he said even though he could not ((or did not want to)) be with her, he still believed in her. He still thought she was a bombshell, just not the right girl for him. Wisdom, as I like to say, is knowing better and actually not doing it. So here is to wisdom. Here is to chasing dreams and letting go. Not that I have a related story or anything...

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