Saturday, September 12, 2009

tomorrow will be better

Joshua 3:5

5 Joshua told the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you."

On thursday night I was searching for something, anything that would renew my faith that friday would bring everything Ryan & I both believed it would bring. I was looking for the verse where someone does something when they tell God they refuse to take one step without him when I opened my bible to Joshua 3:5.

PERFECT! I thought. This is from is good... sort of feeling...

Well today was not really all it was suppose to be cracked up to be.
I wont get into a pity me, my dreams did not come true (at least yet)
but the shear pain our nights ended with... just was not what I was expecting... at all.

I cant go into specifics. Unless of course I changed 'names and places' but the world is hurting.
((wow. great kerri tell your audience something they dont know....?))
but my thoughts on these hurts, these downright lies we tell ourselves... these lies we CONVINCE ourselves we believe and DESERVE they will continue forever.
**This is of course unless someone finds their outlet of hope, restoration and unconditional love. **
however for the sake of those who dont find that.... what do they have?

a promise of a better tomorrow....
"well maybe high school wont be this difficult" "well maybe college will be better, thats where everyone figures it out" "No once I have a real job & my own place Ill be fine" "all I need is a husband and I'll be set" "Once we have some kids our family will just fall into place" "when johnny & sarah both are in school we will get our lives back on track" "ill be truly happy & free once the kids are at college" etc...etc...ETC!

why is it when I am "helping someone out" I let them believe this?
This is gonna sound harsh but if you hated each part of your life thus far...
((there is no promise for tomorrow))

...I mean there is. Wait, don't take that in a give up way.

but somthing has to change & I'm not saying it's the person. Like you are the problem & everyone else is okay... but we need to realize the reoccurring themes in our lives. The one line that we hear drilled into our heads, that no matter where we are in life, how happy we may seem, just buckles us at our knees and we surrender.

take it! figure out what that lie is and surrender it to the Lord. everytime you hear those words bringing you down refuse to let evil win....

A better tomorrow is not possible without a better understanding of our weaknesses.
We will just keep falling into the same situations, the same heartaches that none of us deserve to feel!!

---> This isn't about you not being strong enough because you are!
It's about you taking back what is yours in the first place.
Your confidence, your beauty, your mind and your happiness.

Don't think that tomorrow will be better without considering what can be learned from today.

...i guess im rambling... but the world is hurting... and i cant sleep...

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Kendralee* said...

"the world is hurting.. and i cant sleep"

more people should be saying that at the end of the day.

keep that huge heart open, friend.