Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Operating Outside the Natural

I can't sleep. I just have to explain this feeling.

I don't know when it started or if I have been acknowledging it as long as I should have, but wooo- my goodness, I can not even explain how obvious the favor of the Lord has been on me lately. For those who truly know me, know I believe I deserve nothing from Him, I always feel like I am not good enough, not surrendering enough, not the 'type' yet, however how easy do we forget- It's not about how much we love Him but how much He loves us. And literally I thank God for that. Because wooo- I honestly would be screwed it was the other way around.

God spoke over me several times that I would bring healing to wounded girls. And for the past well almost year now, have desperately wanted to Intern at Mercy Ministries. Mercy has been very encouraging and consistent with my inquires. The issue was getting the Social Work department at Brockport to accept Mercy as an appropriate internship. I have called, I have advocated. I kissed butt. This Monday I had the big decision making meeting with the field director. And trust me I have hear ::horror:: stories, countless about this interview. So knowing me, I was nervous. I was dreading this interview. To be completely honest, I doubted.

So, I walked in. Folder in hand- with that look on my face. I was determined. The field director however was light-hearted. She was pleasant, she was easy going she was not doubting. She had accepted the internship long before I set up my folder. She had accepted the internship long before I had practiced out my arguments. She had accepted the arguments way before I entered that room with that look. She accepted the internship the moment God made the plan. It was spoken by him, how could that be broken? How could I have doubted? The meeting went just... perfect. I mean I am choked up even thinking of how easy it was. Nothing at the moment in my life or hers was operating in the natural. nothing. It was so absolutely obvious God was in control. Even if I do not make it down to Nashville, God created that moment on purpose.

That same night I went to Roberts Wesleyan for an info session about their Grad School. And it just felt right. I do not even plan on applying anywhere else. Same as Brockport (granted I really wanted Geneseo at first) the Lord just brings me at peace instantly with these huge decisions. When I had got their i already knew two of the staff members and quickly warmed up to the others. God is juts so gracious sometimes.

Most importantly though, are BASIC's efforts to put on another outreach. I am heading up PR and without going into so much detail (because again I should be in bed) things are working out so incredibly amazing. Our goal was to focus on the band's Mission project. Isaiah Six is putting great efforts into the water crisis in Africa. We decided to market that for our outreach. In this time of change and great need our entire society (minus the Citibank corporates who just bought another jet) seem to be more than ever ready to help those in need. With the 'Change' campaign Obama, if nothing else, has brought a great hope back to our culture. Therefore, within two days I have been able to recruit three huge campus organizations who are more than willing to help. I feel as if God really has his heart set on this campus and with bringing the different groups together for the cause- He is going to get a lot of Glory and a lot of lost relationships brought back to Him. I no longer doubt, I know this outreach is going to surpass all of our hopes.
... it has to. We are no longer operating in the natural.

So this is a welcome post, welcome to walking in the favor. We're glad you could make it.
Isaiah 61:1-11


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YAYYY!!! I really hope your internship works out! It sounds like an awesome opportunity. Sounds like you are doing fabulous! :-)

Love u!