Monday, September 12, 2011

Prophetic Board Game?

I got an interesting vision today. Have you ever played Trouble? You know that snug feeling the peg has when it is moved into the new little spot? Like it fits perfect and there is no where it can go except forward. I envisioned that for some reason tonight as I could feel my hope align again with God. What I got from this 'child-like' vision is in the game of Trouble there is no going backwards, no other roads: except straight on. The only way you can be taken away from the main path if someone lands on 'your spot' and sends you back home: to square one (which is never a good feeling). Otherwise you keep it movin'. With each turn you get closer and closer to 'home' and each step along the way just feels 'snug'. Like you are in the perfect place. Meant to be there- it just fits.

And I have to say, I love those seasons in life. When you remember nothing is an accident. When God's plan feels so 'snug' and you remember there is no going backwards with God. He is full steam and ready to go: always. Everything is outside of your control, while at the same time it is in that you find the most peace. God has a plan... *deep breath* God. Has. A. Plan.
When God is in control, life just makes sense. But you have to be intentional about putting Him in the driver's seat. That means taking to pray each day, being in community with like minded souls, submitting to Christian leadership, reading His word: EVERY day, and most importantly not only believing but acting as if you believe Jesus is the son of man and someday He will return to marry His Bride.

I am so thankful that I am now in-tuned again to His plans, that life feels 'snug' even when it is frustrating or disappointing. God is in control. I pray His plans always prosper over mine and that I am able to put my first love back where He belongs: being number one... otherwise the prophetic vision I got of the board game 'trouble' earlier, might be for other reasons.