Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here's to 22

In January 2011 my longest standing best friend turned 22.That same month began what would be the ultimate separation for us physically. It had come time where our paths were going to split ways and adulthood stood imminent at our doorsteps. After living in Nashville for three months I returned to live with her for two weeks as we both graduated from Undergrad. She returned home that summer, I stayed in the area and began my year long MSW program. Throughout this whole year we were separated by miles, but of course never by heart. We jokingly recall "22 was a bad year" it was the year we would never dare go back to. Although both of us accomplished big dreams, made great decisions educationally- we made some interesting choices that led to some serious heartaches, bellyaches, and hour long phone conversations. To say the least it was most definitely the year that taught us the most about oursleves, each other, faith, and how harsh the world around us can be. We kept track throughout the year of one liners that described our year and continually joked, "cant wait for 23!". We are both now half way through our year of 23 and I really feel like the tribute to 22 I always promised her is due. So this one is for you Kirsten and thanking God we are no longer 22!

  • Twenty-two is watching everyone else but you get married.
  • Twenty-two is having a degree but being completely broke
  • Twenty-two is sorting out classmates by who's pregnant, engaged, or gay
  • Twenty-two is not wearing makeup 75% of the time because it just doesn't matter anymore. Then when you do put it on, you worry the whole night that it was a waste of your time and that these people were not worth the lip gloss you just bought
  • Twenty-two is at first only having time for then becoming addicted to fast food
  • Twenty-two is constantly thinking life should be more fun that it is but realizing you don't have your own places to live yet
  • Twenty-two is dipping into the Europe fund have been saving for years to then just buy mixed drinks at a lame bar
  • Twenty-two is realizing it is way to late to change your major/career choice
  • Twenty-two is becoming good friends with your exs because you are not actually mad at them anymore
  • Twenty-two is realizing how much you can save on an electric bill by turning off the lights when you leave
Twenty-two is turning to a television show for your weekly dose of romance
  • Twenty-two is making a resume to just get hired as a waitress
  • Twenty-two is starting to realize how messed up marriages from your childhood really were
  • Twenty-two is manipulating your friends to drive because you really cant afford your gas
  • Twenty-two is "you guys have david bridals, I have taco bell to cope"
  • Twenty-two is trying to break all the rules...  but knowing the consequences so not actually doing it.
  • Twenty-two is about going to the bars with our parents more than our friends
  • Twenty-two is living off of b-day/graduation money
  • Twenty-two is sneaking out to see kid movies
  • "Here is to 22... cheers... we won our mind games"
  • "I don't actually approve of 22, making mistakes always seemed like a simple idea but it hurts other people too much..."
  • Twenty-two is realizing not only do you not know anything about life but figuring out you never really did
  • Twenty-two is is an identity crisis
  • Twenty-two is a switch of plans you never intended but grinning and bearing it anyway
  • Twenty-two is the justification of why you cant really chase your dreams
  • Twenty-two is the credit card callers waking you up instead of good morning texts
  • Twenty-two is a negative balance in your bank account when you really just want a dollar coffee
  • Twenty-two is the zest of a new job- only to realize it is a sour lifestyle
  • Twenty-two is finding faith in God because nothing else seems to hang around for long
  • Twenty-two is experiencing the real feeling of being lonely: lonely as a routine. There are hundreds of people you talk to but no one who really knows you
  • Twenty-two is breaking up with 'the love of your life", discovering there is a lot more in life to love
  • Twenty-two is flying out to fancy hotels to meet the boy you know is going to break your heart soon enough
  • Twenty-two is actually beginning to voice your opinion at the dinner table and having relatives entrust in what you are saying and valuing your opinion
  • Twenty-two is feeling more so than ever the longing for something real, deep and meaningful- something worth living for and waking up to each day
  • Twenty-two is internships, student teaching, coupon clipping and maxed out credit cards
  •  Twenty-two is over... thank God. 

I have to say 23 has been much better for both of us. She has found herself in a great relationship where mind games and mixed drinks are not necessary. I have returned to my faith-based love and have stop aching for 'more' elsewhere. Both of us again reached significant goals and have seen some of our dreams flourish and other die.

To summarize the year I could say that three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love and greatest of these is Love. But in our own words three things remain: Taco Bell, negative bank accounts, and friendship. Of course, the greatest of these being friendship. So here's to 23... and many years to come. 

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