Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Happy Sigh

Recently a Frisbee game brought us all together
and it was like nothing had changed at all.

But then again, everything has changed...

And it will keep on changing. 
No one and Nothing is ever stagnant.
Things change. People change. Seasons Change.
It doesn't change the good times we've had.
And it doesn't change the way we care for each other.
It's funny-- I never think about high school people anymore...
for as many times I cried over it and the time I spent missing it. 
Now college is over too-- unbelievable.  Just crazy.
*smiles* but we had some crazy good times.
And although these pictures certainly do NOT account for all of those I encountered, appreciated, and miss-- they are a small testament of those I loved and still love. 
It was so nice to breath in that fall air, to let the sunshine hit my face, and to snuggle with my besties. Each one of them I have a different tie to, yet each one of them a tie to each other because of it.*sighh.. but a happy sigh. It was so nice to see everyone. 


tim said...

twas a good day ;)

Liv said...

I find myself missing college and the people I attended with about once a week.

I am bummed I didn't get to finish my experience there. Life definitely changes faster than you can anticipate.

It looks like you guys had a blast =)