Sunday, August 30, 2009


Okay so I'll admit it.... I have this weird obsession with freshman.
They are just so new, so fresh, so naive, so punctual, so lost.
You know how everyone loves children?
Or the feeling most people get when a cute lil pup roams into the room?
I feel that way about freshman.
Let me clarify.
I do not see them as incapable pets.
Adorable children who need guidance.
But to me, they are just fascinating.

I mean what are they thinking right now.
Its the night before classes.
Almost all of them moved in two nights ago.
What are there stories?
What was high-school like?
What are they expecting from college?
Did they go out last night?
Do they love their roommate?
bahh... I fell like I could ask so many questions.

They have so many firsts here...
just thinking about it chocks me up...

I have met a few freshman this weekend.
Few different kinds of encounters with them.
About 10-12 of them were at the BASIC bonfire we had.
It was a time to get those Christians coming to college connected before they can make any others choices about college life.
All of them were so different.
So many odd match ups in rooming.
I made a big deal out of two of them having their first bite of the local pizza.
As simple as pizza just gets me excited to see a first.
I mean their 18... its thier first time away....
I wonder what they are thinking...

I also briefly met two freshmen on my way back to the dorm yesterday.
As a senior I know that as sson as the parking e-mail goes out you purchase your permit...
well, I hesitated and now I am on a three week long waiting list.
So as I was walking back from what seems to be Africa from my dorm I was offered a ride back by two girls about ready to drive back.
I was shocked. I didnt know the girls and they could not have been more than 18.
I figured what the heck.
As we chitchatted a bit and waited for the one girl's boyfriend to arrive I couldn't help but recognize how beautiful they were.
How innocent they are.
How thoughtful it was to offer me a ride.
Once the boyfriend arrived it was just me and the one girl heading back.
That's when she explained to me how her roommate had just gotten in trouble the night before from drinking too much and having abd run in with Residential Life.
... hmmm.... *sigh* freshman.

Not that drinking is the worst thing on earth, or a overlooked sin.
Not that everyone who is wasted is hurting but something about these two freshman made me open my eyes... again.

God didn't put me here for classes.
He didn't put me here to network the way I always do.
Well... maybe he did.
He has always given me a blessing on those two things...
but not this year...
I am meant for prayer. I feel it.
When I started this blog on Sunday night God touched me.
I prayed on Monday morning for the new students.
I woke up again early to pray for them.

It's behind the scenes work but God knows I need that.
I have had my glory.
I need to get unnoticed.
I need to stick to this.
They need me.
I am a warrior for them.
Whether they know it or not.
God is going to change their lives.


Francesca Celeste said...

Nice post Kerri!

Although the Africa thing distracted me from the serious stuff. AFRICA!!

Miss you

Kelly said...

I know what you mean about Freshman! I always felt the same way every time I saw them on my campus. Because I remember what it was like being a freshman so I always always wonder the same kind of questions when I would meet freshman.

Also I just wanted to say that I think it's great that you've dedicated yourself to getting up early to pray for them. I've been trying to get up early every day for the last week to pray and I've only done it once the whole time and even then it was just me praying in my head in the minutes between hitting my snooze button over and over. I really really need help in that area!